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Behind Every Terrorist There is a Bush was a benefit show for the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9-11. It featured talented comics, great music,
brilliant flash movies, spoken word, and the confessions of a 9-11 truth activist.

* Features David Rovics, "the musical voice of the progressive movement in the US"; Rene Hicks, two-time recipient of the coveted National Comedian of the Year Award; 'Take Back The Media', a cooperative project by progressive American citizens;

Carol Brouillet, publisher of the Deception Dollar (available here); Drew Dellinger, rap artist author of 'Love Letter to the Milky Way'; Bill Santiago, former journalist for the Washington Post and the Miami Herald; Will Durst, well-known comedian who has received 7 consecutive nominations for the American Comedy Awards Stand Up of the Year.

* Edited by Ken Jenkins. Produced by Carol Brouillet and the Northern California 9-11 Truth Alliance.

* 60 minutes plus bonus material

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