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The “Truth Now Tour, Sydney Conference” was organized by truthaction.org.au  to critically examine the events of 9/11 and Australia’s participation in the War Of Terror.

Asking the Question, “Did Australia go to war in Iraq and Afghanistan on a false pretext?,” a premier group of international and Australian researchers, politicos and speakers, present their case for a new and open investigation into the crimes of 9/11.

This DVD video set brings the conference to life.

Included are Bob Bowman’s Keynote address, “Some Dare Call it Treason”, Yukihisa Fujita’s “Questioning the War on Terror”, Ruth Russell’s “Call to the Australian Government to End Wars of Intervention”, and Frank Legge’s “Hard Evidence and the Laws of Physics.”

Other great talks by Cosmos, Barrie Zwicker, Ken Jenkins, Gillian Norman, Ian Woods, G. Edward Griffin, David Leifer and others fill the air with hope and promise.

Your donation for these videos, makes the 911Truth movement stronger and gets this information to the whole world. Help support the growing 9/11 movement in Australia and help spread the Truth Through Action at truthaction.org.au








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